Sales Contest FAQ – General questions

What is repIGNITE ? is an engagement sales force platform. It helps build powered sales contest to motivate Your employees
How do I get started using repIGNITE ?
Currently we offer private beta tests. Please, we kindly ask you to be patient, it could take us a few weeks to activate all the sign up requests. Access is very limited at this stage
What aftersales support do you offer?
Where can I get answers to questions about repIGNITE ?
There are couple valuable sources like:
– reading this FAQ
– visiting our blog
– asking our stuff directly via email, contact form or left feedback tab

I've got a great sales contest idea. How do I tell team about it?
Great, we are always open for new ideas. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Subscription questions

Can I change plan during month period ?
You can upgrade anytime, new higher plan will be setup in 24 hours. Downgrade depends on other conditions (not exceeding max. users allowed in new plan) and will be scheduled to 1st day of Your next billing cycle.

Can I downgrade subscription plan ?
You can downgrade plan if  users number in Your organization is less than max allowed on planned pricing plan.
All changes to Your billing will affect next month payment cycle.

Can I upgrade my subscription plan ?
You are always welcome to upgrade the plan. Changes will be visible in 24 hours, also Your billing will be re-calculated to handle all changes correctly.

What is meant by UNLIMITED ?
Unlimited means – that You can add as many users, contests and other resources as You plan. Sky is the limit!
Can I try Your product with signing long-term contract ?
Yes. We will offer a month-to-month option. You can install and get setup within 1 hour. 100% risk free.

Can I run multiple contests at the same time?
It depends on subscription plan. In Pro plan You can run up to 5 at the same time. Enterprise allows You run UNLIMITED sales contests at the same time.

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