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Insights® Discovery – What Insight means to your Sales Success

Insights® Discovery is all about color. It simplifies human behavior in a pie chart with four segments defined by color. It leads to insights on character and relationships by suggesting a direction towards improved self-discovery and paths towards dealing with others. For those in the business of sales, it presents a fascinating tool for recruiting and managing sales professionals as well as creating and sustaining customer relationships. 

This introduction and the following sections will examine the intent and performance of Insights® Discovery and show what insight means to your sales success.

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5-step guide to hire a successful Inside Sales future

Recruiting takes time. It requires goals and strategies. And, it will be never-ending if you do not do it well. The Inside Sales recruiting you do now can staff your team by end of January for performance by end of 2015 Q1 – if you do it well. Here’s the 5-step guide to hire a successful Inside Sales future.

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