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Sales contest – 5 tips to boost inside sales reps engagement

Sales leads in a sales contest pipeline do not move anywhere while the pipeline lies flat on a plateau. Once your inside sales reps lose inspiration and engagement, they lose the psychological drive to make the sluggish sales flow move. Not all sales activity matters, for there is no gain (revenues or profits) in movement on the level. Sales managers must address the need for motivation and engagement with sales contest that feature gamification and offer targeted compensation.

Sometimes they’re beaten flat.

Inside sales reps are often squeezed from two sides. A sales manager wants more out of them while the executive suite is cutting corners on personnel and incentivizing benefits. The more pressures push people down, the more disengaged and discouraged they become. Even the most loyal and experienced see no gain in exertion and effort.

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5 Best Sales Contest Ideas to Motivate Your Sales Reps

There are never enough sales contest ideas in a sales manager’s toolbox. Repeating sales contest ideas gets stale, and stale ideas do not motivate your sales reps. Sales managers make a mistake in waiting for a good idea to come along. The smart managers will have their sales contests planned through the next two years. But, that coming up with fresh ideas is a challenge.

Timing, structure, and communication drive your best sales reps, but the theme or idea is the hook, the grabber that pulls them in and sustains their interest. The best sales contest ideas determine your color, images, and sales contest pitch.

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Business goals – accurate, fair, and effective sales quota

Setting sales contest quotas together with company business goals has gotten a lot more complicated. Sales contest managers once measured the calls their sales reps made door-to-door in small breast-pocket daily diaries. Sales quota were round numbers, and sales calls were simple pencil scratches in a travel journal. The sales reps reported their calls when they got around to it, and they might even win a plaque or trophy if they beat their peers.

The whole world of sales quotas has become more fluid, dynamic, and global. The only predictable thing about sales is the unpredictability. In a world where even the days of the week are volatile, it calls for a better approach to quotas, goal setting, and achievement. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so this article means to start a conversation and discussion thread on the topic of setting goals for your business.

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Sales target: 10 tips to hit your mark

Engagement is key to a successful sales performance management career. Sales people meet or exceed sales target when they engage. But, engagement does not come with push and pull tactics. Engagement increases as you remove obstacles from the participants’ way. Their engagement increases as they see a clear way to identified targets. Their ability to hit the right sales targets wins them a prize and you the praise for your sales performance management.

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Gamification: cheating and gaming – how keep sales contests clean

Gamification? Good! Gaming the system? Bad! Human nature devalues your sales contest by cheating and gaming the system. You owe it to the business and the contestants to structure sales contest to discourage or eliminate cheating. The business owner or sales leadership needs to learn why people cheat, how big prizes drive bad behavior, and what you can do to minimize or eliminate gaming the sales contest gamification system.

Cheating will always be with us.

There is cheating, and there is gaming. The only real difference is degree. Cheating is a blatant violation of business ethics and, in some cases, the law and moral conscience. Gaming abuses exploits system loopholes, fudges the rules, or misdirects sleight-of-hand. Studies show people will do what they have to in order to get ahead; some do so at any cost.

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Sales reps compensation plans: minimize errors in bonus calculations

Well-conceived sales compensation plan create strong sales contest incentives. If you expect your sales compensation plans to motivate sales performance, it takes planning and communication.

When sales compensation plans are commission-based, it takes even more clarity to produce sales performance results. And, while the language may be important, accuracy in sales reps bonus calculations is essential to success and reduced employee turnover.

Ideally, sales compensation plans wed sales performance and financial rewards. It does so by placing a segment of pay at risk until a sales objective is accomplished. Ideally, it directs the focus of individual and team sales performance to achieving individual, team, and organization goals.

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Sales contest timeframe: setting ideal timming

The sales contest timing is more important than the sales contest prize alone. But many sales managers doesn’t set proper sales contest timeframe.

So many managers throw prizes – big and small – at their sales reps with little or no results. They seem to think sales contests are “the thing to do.” In fact, sales contest success is a direct function of planning and structure, putting a lot of thought into the size of the prize, and enough effort into determining the sales contest timeframe.

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10 BEST Sales Contest Prizes Ideas

Sales management leaders know that competition will improve sales performance. Sales workers are outgoing and gregarious. They are naturally competitive and enjoy a challenge. However, only outstanding sales contest prizes keep them fully engaged and motivated towards long-term sales performance improvement. Read about 10 BEST Sales Contest Prizes Ideas

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4 effective employee engagement ideas that work

Sales Leaders find ample, confusing, and self-contradictory advice at every turn. So, you may want to chase these 4 effective employee engagement ideas and techniques.

Sales contests can contribute to employee engagement and motivation. Competitions provide a game experience where theory and outcome integrate. If structure and process are logical and left-brained, gamification is creative and right-brained. Integration is the sales leader’s challenge – and responsibility.

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Sales performance management – How to manage poor performing reps

One major hurdle in sales performance management is getting greater yield out of the middle performing members of the sales force staff.

However, by using gamification and properly identifying employees into the proper performance sales margin using the Pareto principle can greatly increase sales yield.

Sales performance management and relation to 20-60-20 the Pareto Principle

One essential piece of sales performance management is making sure that the sales force is returning the maximum yield on investment. The problem, however, is that people are not robots. Some people are naturally driven and rise to the top of the sales chart because they not only have the passion to succeed, but have also had the skills or training it takes to set themselves apart.

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