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10 workable sales recognition strategies

Effort unrewarded wastes the effort. Unrecognized achievement does not repeat itself. But, the sales management focus often surrenders to the “wow” factor of big prizes. Once you determine what “strategy” means, you can look at 10 workable sales recognition strategies.

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5 best approaches to sales recruiting with success

Sales talent is always in demand. There is a worldwide shortage of employee talent, and that increases the needs of Sales Managers. At the same time, today’s sales talent is generally better educated, more tech savvy, and driven to succeed. But, finding the talent, bringing it on board, and retaining it remains the Sales Manager’s biggest challenge. Learning the best approaches to sales recruiting makes the sales team better and you a better sales management leader.

5 best approaches to sales recruiting

  • Pay sales what they want. The Sales Manager has to structure a package of compensation and benefits that satisfies and sustains interest and engagement. When the sales are in the hands of one employee, there is no problem with the rep who is it in just for the money. But, when there is a team or department, you want to frame a package that rewards individual effort that, at the same time, facilitates group success.

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5 personal changes build a better Inside Sales Rep

Inside Sales Managers are looking to make different hires nowadays. Less interested in the outspoken, garrulous, self-perceived rainmaker, they seek to hire personalities that make a better match for their present and future needs. If you want to move to the top of the recruiting list, you need to make some personal changes to build a better Inside Sales Rep out of yourself.

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10 Teamwork tips for sales success

10 Teamwork Tips for Sales Success

Any number of players can form a team. Tennis has its doubles, golf has foursomes, and soccer has eleven on a side. But, a sales team lies in the strategic make-up – not the numbers. Regardless how many people a sales manager puts on a team, it needs some strategic organization, intelligent staffing, and purposeful incentives, such as these 10 teamwork tips for sales success.

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5 personalized incentives for employees that make sales pop

Team-focused or individual performance-focused, sales managers who offer personalized incentives for employees will see their sales numbers pop.

Personalized rewards can be as simple as “a job well done” remark or as costly as the redesign of a competitor’s home kitchen. Knowing how to develop sales contest rewards – like these 5 personalized incentives for employees that make sales pop – is a management skill and talent.

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5 Steps to increase sales with ideal customer profile

In the B2B world, an ideal customer profile is a description of the best sort of companies to which you sell.

Using the word “profiling” scares me. It always sounds so negative. I don’t know how to use it without suggesting the downside of stereotyping. And, stereotyping always suggests labeling a group based on one.

An ideal customer profile is the prospect description you would put in front of new hires. The profile represents the sort of company you want to list and mine as prospects.

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Contest Ideas: 3 successful approaches

The best sales contest has a theme that lasts longer than its parts. Contest ideas are often traditional; for example, real estate and insurance sales contest themes often build on a resort experience. Others focus on golf or cruise ventures. Some sales contest themes invite spouses, and many include entire families.

New sales contest thinking

But, a traditional sales contest ideas often becomes old hat in terms of its performance incentive. Challenging worlds of adventures, technology, and mega-events offer new motivations. Travel destinations are more exotic than ever; technology drives new ideas; and, central events, like sports or entertainment venues, open new competitive sales contest doors.

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Inside Sales Team Roles: the work sales reps do (Part 2)

Without defined inside sales team roles, any sales team will find its own organizational dynamic as it grows.

The inside sales reps will recognize their own top performers and fall in line behind. Most will keep their heads down and manage their tasks with little optimism or engagement.

The Inside Sales Manager must organize teams into functioning systems showing the ability and desire to win. Still, all teams need the clarity of individual roles and common purpose. A recent repIGNITE article examined role differentiation at its simplest. Here, we want to strengthen that understanding as applied to a more complex organization.

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Sales performance. Finding sales outcomes in sales activities

Sales performance always occurs simultaneously on two parallel playing fields. One eye is on the sales outcomes, the other is on the sales activities that get you there.

Outcomes versus activities are the same as goals versus tactics. Now, you cannot imagine a sales contest without outcomes, but perhaps sales managers should pay more attention to the sales activities that make the sales outcomes possible.

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10 Inside Sales Management Best Practices and Tips

Inside sales succeed only under complex conditions. Psychology, physical environment, talent, and management leadership weave together in promising ways. If you could bottle this combination of events, you could sell the solution to a ready market. Absent that, you can find your success with 10 inside sales management best practices and tips studied here.

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