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10 BEST Sales Contest Prizes Ideas

Sales management leaders know that competition will improve sales performance. Sales workers are outgoing and gregarious. They are naturally competitive and enjoy a challenge. However, only outstanding sales contest prizes keep them fully engaged and motivated towards long-term sales performance improvement. Read about 10 BEST Sales Contest Prizes Ideas

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7 sales contests key performance indicators

Any effective sales contest requires strategic planning, real and perceived transparency, and clear metrics for the competing sales reps. Sales contest metrics must be achievable, tangible, and felt. Any performance management system, employee incentive program, or change management process requires a Key Performance Indicators (Sales KPI), such as those described in this article

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Sales Contests – 3 Keys to win win competition

Fair, friendly, and fun – these are the three keys to win win competition. Big business or small, sales contests waste your time and your employee’s talent if the competition does not engage your employees fully.

Before starting, you need a fully dimensional picture of the whole event – start to finish and from all sides. Sales contests are only a means to an end, and you need a full grasp of the end before you can structure the trajectory toward that target:

  • Align the sales contests with the business goals.
  • Focus performance on improving specific metrics.
  • Promote behaviors that have strategic importance for the company. Big business usually requires higher efforts in this area.

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Sales Contest Ideas to Motivate Your Sales Team

Sales managers have competition in their gamification DNA. They like the battle, the game, and the sport of it. But, the best of them need fresh sales contest ideas to drive sales team to succeeds.

Sales contest structure, timing, and reward are vital, but theme and energy maintain interest and excitement in a sales contest. Much depends on a sales team’s size and on the product line.Sales managers also have to sustain their teams’ interest and enthusiasm through down times as well as up. Well developed sales contest ideas together with gamification tools could significantly increase sales team engagement.

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Sales Contests for Maximum Results – guidelines

Sales Leaders love sales contests – when sales performance increases productivity and revenues.

Salespeople love to compete and win – when rules are clear and prizes certain.

Making everyone happy depends on the structure of the Sales Contest. Sales contests do promote short-term improvement, but when they are clear, achievable, well-organized, and fun, they can establish and develop self-perpetuating skills and values.

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Using competition leaderboard to motivate your sales team

A healthy dose of competition is great every once in a while, and is known to be a great driving force when it comes to getting things done in a timely manner. Competition leaderboard can helpful in this area.

When it comes to your sales team, using competition to get things done is a smart choice that helps make the workplace more fun and more productive. Things like a sales contest, sales performance, sales force competition and more can all be used to help get the results you expect from your team of professionals.

One friendly form of competition that is easy to enforce is the competition leaderboard linked to sales contest. Leaderboards have been implemented in different situations for a long time now, and is wildly successful in many situations, of one which being motivating sales teams to go above and beyond their typical job duties. So: why does these simple boards work? What benefits do the provide you as the leader of a sales team?

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Sales Incentive Compensation management best practices

Incentives are a fantastic way to get your employees excited about improving their performance. Using proper sales incentive compensation management you can increase your sales revenue and employee engagement.

Sales contests are a wonderful way to measure the overall performance of your employees, motivate your staff members and increase the company’s revenue. Studies have shown that satisfied employees tend to work harder and get more done. Sales incentives are a way to show employees that they are respected and that their efforts have been noticed by upper management. When choosing between sales performance management and sales incentive compensation, many companies may find that a blend of both tactics is beneficial.

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