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10 workable sales recognition strategies

Effort unrewarded wastes the effort. Unrecognized achievement does not repeat itself. But, the sales management focus often surrenders to the “wow” factor of big prizes. Once you determine what “strategy” means, you can look at 10 workable sales recognition strategies.

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How to create a recognition roadmap for Inside Sales Reps

A recent post – Drawing an Employee Recognition Roadmap – illustrated the big picture of a strategic approach to employee recognition. Here, we want to show how to create a recognition roadmap for Inside Sales Reps.

The picture imagined a board game strategically anticipating twists and turns, ups and downs, and enough roadside attractions to engage interest. But, it was more picture than plan, a way of seeing something difficult to understand.

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Drawing an employee recognition roadmap

A roadmap from here to there is rarely a straight line. The road will follow the lay of the land, bending this way and that as it runs into barriers. It wants to take the most direct route, but attractions along the way will ease the trip and make it more interesting. The important thing is that it is a plan, a strategic attempt to take you where you want to go. So, too, drawing an employee recognition roadmap promises a strategic and tactical path to success.

End of the road

The Sales Manager needs to visualize the end of the road. If success is the goal, you must be able to see it. The picture needs numbers and dollars attached. It must be something more specific than “success” or “improvement.”

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