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Sales Contests for Maximum Results – guidelines

Sales Leaders love sales contests – when sales performance increases productivity and revenues.

Salespeople love to compete and win – when rules are clear and prizes certain.

Making everyone happy depends on the structure of the Sales Contest. Sales contests do promote short-term improvement, but when they are clear, achievable, well-organized, and fun, they can establish and develop self-perpetuating skills and values.

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Pareto principle and 20-60-20 rule

The Pareto principle and 20-60-20 rule both provide guidelines that a sales manager can use when wondering how to improve sales figures for their company.

Successful sales managers may need to experiment with multiple sales management techniques and theories or even use a blend of different techniques to achieve success. It is this ability to adapt that will ultimately lead to successful sales performance management. Both the Pareto and the 20-60-20 principle are similar and work together to reveal some commonly observed occurrences in sales management.

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