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What Myers-Briggs insights mean to your sales success

It takes quite a leap to move from the Carl Jung legacy to contemporary sales management. Jung’s thinking wasn’t meant to analyze or predict sales success. Taking those early psychological theories literally and applying them to 21st-century business relationships is a stretch. However, Jung’s theories grew into outcomes that can be very useful.

So, would like to continue our examination of the heritage that has led to the correlation between psychology, technology, and sales management. For example, to understand what tools like Insights® Discovery, Benziger Brain Types, Marston’s DISC® Model, and other psychometrics might bring to your sales department, we have to consider what Myers-Briggs insights mean to your sales success.

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What early insights mean to your sales success

Current and future success in sales depends on a fuller understanding of the behavior of sales reps and customers. Much has been learned about the carrot and sticks that marketing can exploit to stir up interest in products and services. You might call these the macro strategies.

We have more to learn about human behavioral relationships at the micro level – between sales managers and sales reps and between sales rep and prospect. Before we can connect sales performance with the technology to enhance that performance, we must return to the origin of understanding motivation, to the appreciation of what early insights mean to your sales success.

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5 personalized incentives for employees that make sales pop

Team-focused or individual performance-focused, sales managers who offer personalized incentives for employees will see their sales numbers pop.

Personalized rewards can be as simple as “a job well done” remark or as costly as the redesign of a competitor’s home kitchen. Knowing how to develop sales contest rewards – like these 5 personalized incentives for employees that make sales pop – is a management skill and talent.

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Individual vs team incentives: 12 pros and cons of rewarding the team win

When sports teams win, they exchange chest bumps, high-fives, and pats on the back. They strut before the crowds and pour the champagne. Wins are greeted with less fanfare in the sales office, but sales team members relish some of the same victory dance. Focusing your sales incentive plans on teamwork has advantages and disadvantages worth considering.

Read our analysis about individual vs team incentives, 12 pros and cons:

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Sales Incentive Ideas that work

Without the consistent and motivational support of sales incentive plans, sales is a very tough career. The sales incentive plans with some element of fun keep that performance push from being a negative pressure. Here are 10 sales incentive ideas that work.

Any sales incentive plan should have an element of gamification. People expect it nowadays. Fun drives more things than you know; fundraising, school performance, online training, and more. Your sales incentive plan hits its target bull’s-eye when the sales incentive ideas are fun to participate it.

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Sales reps compensation plans: minimize errors in bonus calculations

Well-conceived sales compensation plan create strong sales contest incentives. If you expect your sales compensation plans to motivate sales performance, it takes planning and communication.

When sales compensation plans are commission-based, it takes even more clarity to produce sales performance results. And, while the language may be important, accuracy in sales reps bonus calculations is essential to success and reduced employee turnover.

Ideally, sales compensation plans wed sales performance and financial rewards. It does so by placing a segment of pay at risk until a sales objective is accomplished. Ideally, it directs the focus of individual and team sales performance to achieving individual, team, and organization goals.

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4 effective employee engagement ideas that work

Sales Leaders find ample, confusing, and self-contradictory advice at every turn. So, you may want to chase these 4 effective employee engagement ideas and techniques.

Sales contests can contribute to employee engagement and motivation. Competitions provide a game experience where theory and outcome integrate. If structure and process are logical and left-brained, gamification is creative and right-brained. Integration is the sales leader’s challenge – and responsibility.

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Employee engagement and motivation – which came first ?

Which came – first the chicken or the egg? Which came first – employee engagement or employee motivation ? Sales Leaders need to know the difference and the connection between employee engagement and motivation.

There is a whole industry out there preoccupied with defining the difference, but understanding the difference is not that hard.

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Internal motivation – the push and pull of engagement

What is your internal motivation? 

We have all been asking “Why?” since we were children. At some point, our parents’ response “Because!” no longer satisfied. But, motivation eventually becomes a significant issue in our personal and work lives. Is our motivation internal or external?

Questions breed questions: What makes me cross the road? What do I want to marry? What drives me to make that cold call? What sacrifice will I make for my family or for my team? What do I want out of this? What is there in this sales contest for me?

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Guidelines for effective employee recognition

Effective employee recognition provides positive feedback and allows your employees to feel positive about their own work and to feel that they are a valued resource to the company.

As a manger, it is if the utmost importance that you understand the importance of employee recognition programs.

Recognizing good performance is not only rewarding for the individual or team, it helps to create  outcomes that you desire for your business.  Numerous surveys show that employees put a high value on  pecial recognition that is in addition to their usual salary. Employees look for positive feedback and acknowledgment of a job well done.

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