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Employee turnover: how can management turn it around?

What can you do to turn around employee turnover?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, private sector employers in the U.S. saw 2,405,000 employees leave their jobs in June of 2014. That is 2% of the total workforce. Those numbers have repeated consistently each month since January. And, this is just following a long period of joblessness. Why do so many people leave their jobs? What can you do to minimize employee turnover?

Well, the problem starts with respective human and corporate self-interests that, according to Forbes, “result in value minimization.” If employees work just hard enough to avoid termination and they are reimbursed just enough to stay on the job, something has to fill in that lack of mutual interest. In that gap lies untapped customer value. 

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Sales performance. Finding sales outcomes in sales activities

Sales performance always occurs simultaneously on two parallel playing fields. One eye is on the sales outcomes, the other is on the sales activities that get you there.

Outcomes versus activities are the same as goals versus tactics. Now, you cannot imagine a sales contest without outcomes, but perhaps sales managers should pay more attention to the sales activities that make the sales outcomes possible.

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10 Inside Sales Management Best Practices and Tips

Inside sales succeed only under complex conditions. Psychology, physical environment, talent, and management leadership weave together in promising ways. If you could bottle this combination of events, you could sell the solution to a ready market. Absent that, you can find your success with 10 inside sales management best practices and tips studied here.

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Inside Sales Team Roles: the work sales reps do (Part 1)

An inside sales team is a “team” in name only – unless you have assigned inside sales team roles.

As often as not, managers form a team according to organizational hierarchies. There is a manager, one or more sales leads, and the rest of the inside sales reps. This does illustrate the chain and scope of command. But, it does not identify the inside sales team roles that will increase productivity.

Now, much depends on the product line and the marketing strategy. For example, the sales department may include field sales reps as well, and strategies may spread across geographic territories. But, let’s try to keep it simple.

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Inside Sales compensation – Sales Reps’ teamwork factor

Inside sales compensation is major factor in sales performance management.

Inside Sales Reps’ teamwork can make or break your sales quarter. But, if you do not compensate the team piece of your inside sales reps’ performance, the team will not come together or support your goals.

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Inside Sales Management: what are you doing there?

Inside Sales Managers arrive for their first day at work full of enthusiasm. Optimism does not last long if they do not know how to manage inside sales opportunities. Often promoted from within, they plan to lead by example with noses to the grindstone, but this is not really Inside Sales Management at all. The sales staff accountable to them wants more than that.

Management means the coordination of the multiple tasks involved in meeting business goals. Leadership refers to how you get your people to meet and exceed those goals. So, the real question is “How do you expect to manage your leadership?

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Inside Sales definition: selling remotely and taking over

Leaders know inside sales definition. People, including corporate leadership, stereotype sales representatives. They lump them as an undifferentiated revenue stream. Leadership is consequently less prepared to organize and motivate reps who have specific duties and performance parameters. Leaders must soon learn the differences between inside sales and outside sales.

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Sales management – sales activities or sale outcomes?

They do not teach sales management in college nor do employers teach it on the job.

Instead, companies promote many a manager from within with little or no formal training. Coming up from the ranks, sales managers assume they are to do more of the same. Moreover, the company has taken one of the role models out of the talent pool and placed him/her in a “non-productive” position. In sales, the rainmakers do what they do well, most often not knowing how to teach others.

Sales management – the situation

The new sales manager, peer managers, and executive suite – everyone assumes the sales manager will manage like all business managers. As everyone knows, business managers are obsessed with profit and loss. Suddenly, new metrics face the new appointee. The peer managers talk a different lingo and show a certain disdain for the job of sales representative, offering little in terms of resources and sales management training while they hammer away at outcomes, results, and numbers.

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Sales compensation plans: sales contests are just one piece

A well-structured sales compensation plans forms one metric of your sales performance management ability. If a sales contest is part of that sales compensation plan, you must know how to do it right.

The promise of recognition for outstanding work will drive sales performance. It can be: a certificate or plaque acknowledging mastery of a task; some outstanding performance that sets performers apart; or awards that further the sales person’s individual purpose and plan. But, your sales performance management achievement lies in how you structure the sales compensation plan.

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Business goals – accurate, fair, and effective sales quota

Setting sales contest quotas together with company business goals has gotten a lot more complicated. Sales contest managers once measured the calls their sales reps made door-to-door in small breast-pocket daily diaries. Sales quota were round numbers, and sales calls were simple pencil scratches in a travel journal. The sales reps reported their calls when they got around to it, and they might even win a plaque or trophy if they beat their peers.

The whole world of sales quotas has become more fluid, dynamic, and global. The only predictable thing about sales is the unpredictability. In a world where even the days of the week are volatile, it calls for a better approach to quotas, goal setting, and achievement. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, so this article means to start a conversation and discussion thread on the topic of setting goals for your business.

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