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Inside Sales Performance Assessment: the value of self-evaluation

Sales performance appraisal is a manager’s duty, but that does not exclude introducing self-assessments as part of the overall inside sales performance assessment process.

At the end of Q2, inside sales managers will be redrawing their budgets for the remainder of the year. Their own performance is closed as of the end of Q3, and their strategy should stretch into 2015. Among other calendar items to get out of the way are performance evaluations for the inside sales reps under their watch.

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Inside Sales Performance Assessment: frequency and technique

Always start at home base. When inside sales people do not perform to quota, it is a chance for you to improve your sales management numbers, salvage mid-performer turnover, and make firm and final decisions on the continuity of poor performers. You will find productive tools in frequent inside sales performance assessments.

How often is frequent?

Few employers honor their overall responsibility to review their employees’ work. They promise but fail to deliver. When they do, the annual performance appraisals are perfunctory at best. Employees have come to ignore them and wait for the punchline regarding their annual wage increase.

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Inside Sales Management: what are you doing there?

Inside Sales Managers arrive for their first day at work full of enthusiasm. Optimism does not last long if they do not know how to manage inside sales opportunities. Often promoted from within, they plan to lead by example with noses to the grindstone, but this is not really Inside Sales Management at all. The sales staff accountable to them wants more than that.

Management means the coordination of the multiple tasks involved in meeting business goals. Leadership refers to how you get your people to meet and exceed those goals. So, the real question is “How do you expect to manage your leadership?

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Inside Sales definition: selling remotely and taking over

Leaders know inside sales definition. People, including corporate leadership, stereotype sales representatives. They lump them as an undifferentiated revenue stream. Leadership is consequently less prepared to organize and motivate reps who have specific duties and performance parameters. Leaders must soon learn the differences between inside sales and outside sales.

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Sales contest – 5 tips to boost inside sales reps engagement

Sales leads in a sales contest pipeline do not move anywhere while the pipeline lies flat on a plateau. Once your inside sales reps lose inspiration and engagement, they lose the psychological drive to make the sluggish sales flow move. Not all sales activity matters, for there is no gain (revenues or profits) in movement on the level. Sales managers must address the need for motivation and engagement with sales contest that feature gamification and offer targeted compensation.

Sometimes they’re beaten flat.

Inside sales reps are often squeezed from two sides. A sales manager wants more out of them while the executive suite is cutting corners on personnel and incentivizing benefits. The more pressures push people down, the more disengaged and discouraged they become. Even the most loyal and experienced see no gain in exertion and effort.

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Inside sales motivation tips – rewards and recognition rule

Inside sales motivation tips for any company. Success occurs at the intersection of motivation, reward, and recognition. Sales people function where forces push and pull on their ability and psychology. Yet, inside sales managers do not always distinguish between motivation, reward, and recognition; they assume that they are the same. They may align with each other and sometimes seem indistinct, but these three elements are vital to the success of any sales contest.

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