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5 Key Steps to Hire the A-Player for Inside Sales

Inside Sales Managers trust their hiring instincts too much. Trusting to a gut feeling about who will match their needs and fill their vacancies is no strategy for long-term success. If you want to upgrade your hiring, you need to recognize and recruit candidates by following these 5 key steps to hire the A-Player for Inside Sales.

Step #1 – Start with Human Resources.

Early in your management tenure, you can meet at length with your Human Resources recruitment people. They really do have something to contribute, but it might take several meetings to get everyone on the same page regarding the valued knowledge, skills, and abilities.

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How to create a recognition roadmap for Inside Sales Reps

A recent post – Drawing an Employee Recognition Roadmap – illustrated the big picture of a strategic approach to employee recognition. Here, we want to show how to create a recognition roadmap for Inside Sales Reps.

The picture imagined a board game strategically anticipating twists and turns, ups and downs, and enough roadside attractions to engage interest. But, it was more picture than plan, a way of seeing something difficult to understand.

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5 personal changes build a better Inside Sales Rep

Inside Sales Managers are looking to make different hires nowadays. Less interested in the outspoken, garrulous, self-perceived rainmaker, they seek to hire personalities that make a better match for their present and future needs. If you want to move to the top of the recruiting list, you need to make some personal changes to build a better Inside Sales Rep out of yourself.

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Inside Sales Team Roles: the work sales reps do (Part 2)

Without defined inside sales team roles, any sales team will find its own organizational dynamic as it grows.

The inside sales reps will recognize their own top performers and fall in line behind. Most will keep their heads down and manage their tasks with little optimism or engagement.

The Inside Sales Manager must organize teams into functioning systems showing the ability and desire to win. Still, all teams need the clarity of individual roles and common purpose. A recent repIGNITE article examined role differentiation at its simplest. Here, we want to strengthen that understanding as applied to a more complex organization.

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Inside Sales Cold Calling 2.0 (Part 1) – definitions

When managing a developing strategic model like Inside Sales Cold Calling 2.0, definition and differences are important to success.

Sales performance is at the center of a successful economy. And, the nature of sales is shaped and driven by evolving and dynamic forces just like the economy. Before managers presume to manage business-to-business (B2B) sales and business-to-customer (B2C) sales, they should understand the roles and models that go into the profession.

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10 Inside Sales Management Best Practices and Tips

Inside sales succeed only under complex conditions. Psychology, physical environment, talent, and management leadership weave together in promising ways. If you could bottle this combination of events, you could sell the solution to a ready market. Absent that, you can find your success with 10 inside sales management best practices and tips studied here.

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Inside Sales Compensation Plan: on capping your commission structure

How to build fair inside sales compensation plan? QUICK CASE: There once was a salesperson tasked with selling government contracts. Too typical of the government, they capped the salesperson’s commission. You see, the government did not want too many contracts, or it would have to hire more people. What a terrible thing is that!?

Business cannot work that way. And, allowing for the fact that every business differs, there is no good business reason to cap your inside sales commission compensation plan. As you structure your inside sales compensation plan, consider the negative effects of capping commissions. Any attempt to avoid “runaway” commissions will first reduce revenue.

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Inside Sales Team Roles: the work sales reps do (Part 1)

An inside sales team is a “team” in name only – unless you have assigned inside sales team roles.

As often as not, managers form a team according to organizational hierarchies. There is a manager, one or more sales leads, and the rest of the inside sales reps. This does illustrate the chain and scope of command. But, it does not identify the inside sales team roles that will increase productivity.

Now, much depends on the product line and the marketing strategy. For example, the sales department may include field sales reps as well, and strategies may spread across geographic territories. But, let’s try to keep it simple.

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Inside Sales compensation – Sales Reps’ teamwork factor

Inside sales compensation is major factor in sales performance management.

Inside Sales Reps’ teamwork can make or break your sales quarter. But, if you do not compensate the team piece of your inside sales reps’ performance, the team will not come together or support your goals.

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Inside Sales Key Performance Indicators (Part 1)

Inside Sales Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are mostly defined by managers from the top of the organizational hierarchy down.

They gather and report the information that KPIs provide to their executive managers and other stakeholders. As quantifiers, these key performance indicators identify and locate crucial problems. The information provides benchmarks upon which management decision makers can build strategic plans and futures.

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