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Sales Contest Ideas to Motivate Your Sales Team

Sales managers have competition in their gamification DNA. They like the battle, the game, and the sport of it. But, the best of them need fresh sales contest ideas to drive sales team to succeeds.

Sales contest structure, timing, and reward are vital, but theme and energy maintain interest and excitement in a sales contest. Much depends on a sales team’s size and on the product line.Sales managers also have to sustain their teams’ interest and enthusiasm through down times as well as up. Well developed sales contest ideas together with gamification tools could significantly increase sales team engagement.

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Sales Contests for Maximum Results – guidelines

Sales Leaders love sales contests – when sales performance increases productivity and revenues.

Salespeople love to compete and win – when rules are clear and prizes certain.

Making everyone happy depends on the structure of the Sales Contest. Sales contests do promote short-term improvement, but when they are clear, achievable, well-organized, and fun, they can establish and develop self-perpetuating skills and values.

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