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How to create a recognition roadmap for Inside Sales Reps

A recent post – Drawing an Employee Recognition Roadmap – illustrated the big picture of a strategic approach to employee recognition. Here, we want to show how to create a recognition roadmap for Inside Sales Reps.

The picture imagined a board game strategically anticipating twists and turns, ups and downs, and enough roadside attractions to engage interest. But, it was more picture than plan, a way of seeing something difficult to understand.

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Drawing an employee recognition roadmap

A roadmap from here to there is rarely a straight line. The road will follow the lay of the land, bending this way and that as it runs into barriers. It wants to take the most direct route, but attractions along the way will ease the trip and make it more interesting. The important thing is that it is a plan, a strategic attempt to take you where you want to go. So, too, drawing an employee recognition roadmap promises a strategic and tactical path to success.

End of the road

The Sales Manager needs to visualize the end of the road. If success is the goal, you must be able to see it. The picture needs numbers and dollars attached. It must be something more specific than “success” or “improvement.”

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Why A-Players Hire A-Players

Why A-Players Hire A-Players? Sports vocabulary can trip you up. Managing a sales team, you start to put everything into sports lingo.

You train and develop sales reps because you want more strength on your bench. You hold tryouts for open positions. You are always looking for team players, quarterbacks, and play callers. The sales unit follows a playbook, and A-players are the superstars. And, incentives are awarded for achievement in sales games, races, and tournaments. The language values the A-players, so it makes sense to ask how and why A-players hire A-players.

People not the process

A sales unit staffed with talented and dedicated employees has the best possible chance at succeeding. Many experts hold that sales success lies in the people not the process, but process has been pretty worked out. What is not so clear is what makes A-players and what they bring to the sales game.

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5 best approaches to sales recruiting with success

Sales talent is always in demand. There is a worldwide shortage of employee talent, and that increases the needs of Sales Managers. At the same time, today’s sales talent is generally better educated, more tech savvy, and driven to succeed. But, finding the talent, bringing it on board, and retaining it remains the Sales Manager’s biggest challenge. Learning the best approaches to sales recruiting makes the sales team better and you a better sales management leader.

5 best approaches to sales recruiting

  • Pay sales what they want. The Sales Manager has to structure a package of compensation and benefits that satisfies and sustains interest and engagement. When the sales are in the hands of one employee, there is no problem with the rep who is it in just for the money. But, when there is a team or department, you want to frame a package that rewards individual effort that, at the same time, facilitates group success.

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5 personal changes build a better Inside Sales Rep

Inside Sales Managers are looking to make different hires nowadays. Less interested in the outspoken, garrulous, self-perceived rainmaker, they seek to hire personalities that make a better match for their present and future needs. If you want to move to the top of the recruiting list, you need to make some personal changes to build a better Inside Sales Rep out of yourself.

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5 tips on how to hire the right sales people

Sales managers can find thorough and constructive assessments to aid in recruiting sales people. They can train in the psychometrics of personality assessment and cultural fit. But, when time, resources, and finances are not in their corner, they will rely on their own interview experience. One way or the other, the Sales Manager is accountable for learning how to hire the right sales people, the candidates best suited by personality traits to the Sales Representative position.

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Sales Recruiting 101: effective use of game persona roles

When applying gamification and effective use of game persona roles to real world business situations, we have to avoid swallowing game theory lock, stock, and barrel.

When recruiting candidates for B2B sales, we have to be careful not to fall down the rabbit hole into the gamers’ middle-earth. In B2B sales, we are not playing in dungeons, and we do not build business on dragon relationships. To make effective use of game persona roles, we must remember we are dealing with metaphors. Still, lacking other strategies, game personas can provide helpful profiles for filling open sales positions.

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10 Teamwork tips for sales success

10 Teamwork Tips for Sales Success

Any number of players can form a team. Tennis has its doubles, golf has foursomes, and soccer has eleven on a side. But, a sales team lies in the strategic make-up – not the numbers. Regardless how many people a sales manager puts on a team, it needs some strategic organization, intelligent staffing, and purposeful incentives, such as these 10 teamwork tips for sales success.

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5 personalized incentives for employees that make sales pop

Team-focused or individual performance-focused, sales managers who offer personalized incentives for employees will see their sales numbers pop.

Personalized rewards can be as simple as “a job well done” remark or as costly as the redesign of a competitor’s home kitchen. Knowing how to develop sales contest rewards – like these 5 personalized incentives for employees that make sales pop – is a management skill and talent.

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Individual Incentive Plans: pros and cons of rewarding the individual win

A reward is a prize given for sales achievement. A sales incentive is something that drives performance towards achievement. In a sales department, we wrestle with the strategy of offering incentives on a team or individual basis. In previous articles, we examined the positive and negatives surrounding sales strategies that recognize the sales team win; here, we want to weigh the pros and cons of individual incentive plans.

Advantage to Individual Incentive plans

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