Inside Sales Managers are looking to make different hires nowadays. Less interested in the outspoken, garrulous, self-perceived rainmaker, they seek to hire personalities that make a better match for their present and future needs. If you want to move to the top of the recruiting list, you need to make some personal changes to build a better Inside Sales Rep out of yourself.

Build a better Inside Sales Rep HOW TO:

1. Embrace technology: If you are out to build a better Inside Sales Rep, you need to engage fully in the immediate value of available technology.

  • Customer Retention Management software, for example, has become indispensable. It obviously replaced spreadsheets and simplified reporting, but more important, it creates a living organism, a dynamic source of history, feedback, and future leads.
  • Mobile platforms facilitate work 24/7, a convenience to Inside Sales Rep and customer. The multiple communications channels are more than a convenience. They are tools that want sustained usage.
  • Email may already be “old school” because social media have made messages and images immediate and vivid. Camera and video ability add depth to communication and dimension to presentations.

Instead of struggling with technology, you would do better to master it in a world where customers struggle with their own short attention spans.

2. Play ball: Individual personalities have long dominated sales. But, the culture of contemporary corporations expects and incentivizes teamwork. To build a better Inside Sales Rep resume, you want to excel at team play. But, teamwork in business does not much resemble sports play.

build a better Inside Sales RepCandidates are too quick to think that, just because they played football or volleyball in school, they are team players. Inside Sales Managers have long relied on self-interested self-motivated stars. However, employers now value the sales experience that shares and learns, that coaches and mentors, and that defers to the skills and notices of others. You move up the list of job candidates when you learn to value conversation more than the spotlight.

3. Consider the pool: The nature of buying has changed. People have more information readily available and considerably more ease in decision-making. This means the customer pool remains large, but it is accessible to many more sales people. Leads are no longer confidential or closely held. So, it is not as though there is a market waiting for you to come along.

Inside Sales Managers need people with the talent to qualify, the courage to close, and the ability to build relationships. Sales are no longer once-and-done; they need to have their future built in, and that takes informed sales rather than opportune sales.

4. Learn to smile: A genuine smile will carry you through many a job interview. But, to build a better Inside Sales Rep out of your sales experience, anticipate where technology will take you next. You may just be getting used to selling on line, by email, or by digital catalog. But, you should prepare for the growth in other applications.

If you are not doing so now, you will be meeting prospects by video conference, making sales presentation through shared presentation sites, and closing clients anywhere in the world. This will restore inside sales to a face-to-face event with a tech twist. You want to be ahead of that curve.

5. Have your fortune told: Ideally, you want to be on one of two paths: a lifetime career in sales or a job that will transition you towards another step in your career. Either way, you must pursue more training and education. If you are inside sales because you see nothing better to do or because you fell into it, you will lack the passion and engagement to excel.

So, consider that there is no way to climb the corporate hierarchy without personal advancement through training and retraining. Moreover, you can be sure that inside and outside sales will blend in purpose, function, and technique. Flexibility and fluidity will become career deal breakers. As customers become better positioned to choose and manipulate their purchasing chain and channels, sales reps will need to be where the customers wants them.

There is on-going growth in global markets searching for talented sales representatives. New markets, different markets, and technologically enabled markets need talent that is ready to step up to the opportunity. Consider the five personal changes reviewed here if you want to build a better Inside Sales Rep out of yourself, your skills, and your abilities, and into your future.

Image courtesy of bplanet at FreeDigitalPhotos.net