Team-focused or individual performance-focused, sales managers who offer personalized incentives for employees will see their sales numbers pop.

Personalized rewards can be as simple as “a job well done” remark or as costly as the redesign of a competitor’s home kitchen. Knowing how to develop sales contest rewards – like these 5 personalized incentives for employees that make sales pop – is a management skill and talent.

The sales person as individual

Individuals are unique, even sales people. They may share competitive personas and habits, but they differ in tastes and preferences. Just try to host a pizza party with one kind of pizza.

Tastes and preferences differ so widely that one-size-fits-all incentive programs are certain to lose effectiveness at considerable loss of investment and productivity. So, while you may structure encouragement for team goals, you need to balance that with individually personalized rewards. Their individual performance helps everyone achieve team and corporate quotas. The intent is to keep players engaged in the game.personilized incentives for employees

Finding the individual – personalized incentives for employees

Individual performance may get a bit lost in the larger organization, but individuals tend to identify themselves clearly in behavior, wants, and needs among smaller and mid-sized sales departments. The smaller the environment the more satisfaction the individual gets from simply standing out in the field. But, sales managers also have the convenience of monitoring behavior and individual response to specific incentives.

5 personalized incentives for employees that make sales pop

Heads up sales managers can determine which rewards work best for which individual salesperson by measuring employee productivity and linking changes in performance to the incentives offered.

  1. Cash never loses its attraction However, the effect is a function of the size and delivery system. The effect is remarkably short-lived, especially once the cash is spent. And, in the reward system for a top performer, it can become taken-for-granted. Still, cash is tangible and meaningful to those who lose the contest.
  2. Silly matters, too Low-priced toys, t-shirts, buttons, and badges please those with needs for immediate recognition. Collectibles and wearables let them stand out in their world.
  3. Bring the outside in When sales managers take the time to really get into the personalities of their sales people, they learn about their hobbies, interests, and lives beyond the office.Incentives that reward with fishing, golf, or soccer equipment or with tickets to local, regional, or national sports events will move those interested.
    1. Contributions to community interests, such as libraries, schools, and charities, may satisfy those with volunteerism in their blood.
    2. Prizes in the form of cooking equipment, small appliances, or automotive tools will please others.
    3. Travel to destinations of individual choice may increase motivation more than travel to a corporate planned event.
  4. Name the award Customize incentives with performers’ names. Just as you would engrave a plaque or trophy, be sure to put a name on the award where feasible. Keep the winners’ names public in newsletters, emails, and bulletin boards.
  5. Push the envelope Something novel will engage and sustain. Employees with a taste for it will be excited about a spending spree or gift certificate at an upscale department store or boutique, a catered party or barbecue, a family admission to a major amusement park,

Individual sales contest participants may get a kick out of having their lawn mowed, the house cleaned by a maid service, groceries for a week, or a professional family portrait. If your business is going to invest in repeated contests to boost performance, you cannot let them become routine.

There is nothing engaging in the routine. It deadens, diminishes, and deters performance. Sales contests structured to assure continued participation and productivity build on the freshness and novelty found in awards like the 5 personalized incentives for employees that make sales pop shown here.

Personalized incentives for employees – image courtesy of bplanet at FreeDigitalPhotos.net