10 Teamwork Tips for Sales Success

Any number of players can form a team. Tennis has its doubles, golf has foursomes, and soccer has eleven on a side. But, a sales team lies in the strategic make-up – not the numbers. Regardless how many people a sales manager puts on a team, it needs some strategic organization, intelligent staffing, and purposeful incentives, such as these 10 teamwork tips for sales success.

10 Teamwork Tips for Sales Success

  1. Joint Visits – Assigning pairs of sales reps to the same leads multiplies their strengths and your commitment in the eyes of the customer.
  2. Shared Rewards – Sales management can structure compensation to reward the team or region as well as the individual sales rep, communicating it as fair to department and all participants.
  3. Team Awards– Plan bonus compensation that awards a flat amount to each member of the sales team. Supplement that with a percentage of individual earnings that recognizes the top performers.10 Teamwork Tips for Sales Success
  4. Recognize Assists– In sports like basketball and soccer, players are recognized for assisting the player who scores the goal with a pass or play set-up. Sales managers can do the same by offering a flat fee to those who find or develop leads for the sales person.
  5. Mentor Motives– Sales managers can measure how top sales people mentor poor- and mid-performers. They must form the metrics clearly and communicate them well. Done well, the metrics can lead to financial rewards.
  6. Function Fun– A sales team should have members with specific functions, such as lead miner, prospect qualifier, and the like. Granting a team reward to people in the same job assignment can build and reward teams. For example, buying lunch for the qualifiers or sending the miners to dinner recognizes their role in teamwork.
  7. Shared Leadership – Sales managers do not know everything. When they invite and encourage actionable feedback, they build team consciousness and effectiveness. Expecting and assigning teams to share information pays them respect and builds core strengths.
  8. Drama Club – Successful sales follow successful scripts. A successful sales pitch is a treasure worth sharing and incorporating into the department literature. Team awareness and mutual interest grows with practiced presentations and gives credit to the authors.
  9. Delegate Duties – If sales managers delegate individual tasks to respective teammates, they become team players, too. They consciously shift their decision-making authority to the team members, together with the accountability for performance.
  10. Quality Closes – Sales volume and profit margin are not the only metrics. A quality close is one that lasts, and it often takes a team to sustain a sale. Customer relations and retention management are a team effort and deserve acknowledgement.

Are these 10 Teamwork Tips for Sales Success relevant to your business?

In sales, everything has its price. There is a price on the items sold, but there is a price on what it takes to make the sale. Forming teams distributes the cost of the sales efficiently and effectively, so rewarding them in return makes considerable good business sense.

Keeping a sales team engaged and motivated is the sales manager’s job. Teams are not simply a cluster or a group. They are strategically formed, directed, and rewarded. Our 10 teamwork tips for sales success work individually or in concert to build sales revenue and strengthen teams for future work.

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