Without the consistent and motivational support of sales incentive plans, sales is a very tough career. The sales incentive plans with some element of fun keep that performance push from being a negative pressure. Here are 10 sales incentive ideas that work.

Any sales incentive plan should have an element of gamification. People expect it nowadays. Fun drives more things than you know; fundraising, school performance, online training, and more. Your sales incentive plan hits its target bull’s-eye when the sales incentive ideas are fun to participate it.

Sales incentive ideas that work:

#1 – The Great Race: Capitalize on the popularity of the television show and have participants run a “race” to some vacation prize. Each week, reward each player with an envelope containing a small reward appropriate to their performance – a gift certificate or restaurant discount for the strong performances. Also, include the directions for the following week, new and accumulative. Those directions might include an incentive for a sales leader to support a low performer.

#2 – Everything Old is New Again: Assign the sales incentive program teams to find new business among old or former customers. The sales incentive plan results will likely improve customer service as well.

#4 – President’s Day: Invite a sales incentive program team to lunch with the business’s President in an upscale environment – if budget permits. Urge the President to use the lunch as a feedback opportunity for the participants.

#5 – Prospector’s Gulch: This sales incentive program rewards prospecting only. Set aside a close timeframe and a numbers goal for the most new business prospects. Be careful to identify the meaning of “prospect” and require evidence of the qualifying process. Then, a follow-up sales contest would measure the conversion to sales rate.Sales Incentive Ideas

#6 – Gold Rush: Offer sales contests awarding prizes with a gold connection: a valuable authentic gold coin, a piece of jewelry, a gold plated pen, or a gold star – depending on the performance.

#7 – Partner Plan: Make the employee’s significant other a partner in this competition event. Offer prizes that include the spouse or partner: tickets to the theater, dinner for two, a weekend getaway, or something for the house.

#8 – Silent Auctions: Display merchandise prizes of different values on the sales floor throughout the sales contest period. Allow participants in this sales incentive plan to bid on prizes (above a minimum bid) on a public leaderboard. They, then, must compete for the play money that would cover their respective bid.

#9 – Trifecta: This sales incentive program follows performance on three tracks, such as personal best, team best, and overall best. A sales contest grand price would reward those who compete and win in all categories. This competition strategy encourages individual accomplishment in several roles, including support for team.

#10 – Three’s a Charm: Dividing sales department into teams of three drives competition when you emphasize teamwork. Require daily team meetings and monitor exchange and sharing.

Sales incentive plan and clever names and themes are easy enough to come by. But, successful sales incentive plan depend on your ability to lay out a strategy a year in advance. It is not enough to throw a theme and a prize in front of the sales force. You cannot run sales contests at a distance. Each unit of each sales contest needs your personal presence and oversight. Sales contests should be fun, and fun takes a cheerleader.

You can align your sales incentive program with the seasons or the holidays. You can choose vocabulary and targets from your specific industry sector. You can host small contests as stepping-stones to a major contest prize. But, you must plan and plan well – structuring calendars, administrative tools, selecting prizes, and training and communicating. There are much more sales incentive ideas, of course, here are some recommended resources:

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