Sales management leaders know that competition will improve sales performance. Sales workers are outgoing and gregarious. They are naturally competitive and enjoy a challenge. However, only outstanding sales contest prizes keep them fully engaged and motivated towards long-term sales performance improvement. Read about 10 BEST Sales Contest Prizes Ideas

Any prize lacks impact if the competition and its values are not aligned with team and corporate goals. The best competition promote strategic values with friendly fun rivalries. To pull this all off, your sales contests need fair play, focused structure, and transparent communication.

But, you also need a prize…

10 best sales contest prizes ideas

  • Big Payoff – vacation cruises or exotic vacations – will drive competition. Structured well, big payoffs can reward a winner following an extended sales contest. Long contests require close monitoring and incremental reinforcement to measure engagement, participation, and fair play and overall sales performance.
  • Big Cash – A truly significant financial reward will engage interest and sales performance, but contestants also lose interest once the winner jumps out in the lead. Moreover, cash does not mean the same to all salespeople. Unless it is a significant increase over expected income, it will be perceived as part of the compensation and commission package and lose its promise.
  • Time Off – It is not clear why you would want a lead performer to take time off, but a day on the golf course or at the ballpark is a nice break and makes a particularly fun reward for an entire sales team.
  • Weekly Whips – Offer smaller individual and team incentives each week: pizza, flowers, massages, and so on – for anyone reaching incremental goals.
  • Personal Pride – Include a promising or lagging competitor to join the sales leaders or managers on sales calls.
  • Toys – A series of awards can lead to a related large prize, electronics components leading to a new computer. Of course, if the contestants already have the small or big prize, there is not much incentive. On the other hand, the toys do not have to relate to work or work-related technology. Consider awarding barbecue accessories leading to a top-flight barbecue.
  • Gift Certificates – Restaurant, grocery, entertainment gift, and all-purpose credit cards are perceived as values outside the compensation structure. Winners can accumulate them and transfer their values. Linked with simple printed certificate or with a plaque, they double their impact.
  • Continuing Education – When treating sales contestants, encourage them to shoot for more training and education by awarding a three-day trip for a seminar or a semester of college. If it fits your staff demographic, consider how it might incentivize those with children in school or day-care.
  • Outside the Box – Something new and spectacular prizes will engage coSales contest prizes ideasntestants beyond the current trial. Consider the impact of a rental car for the year, a limo pick-up at home for a month, a home renovation, or new furniture.
  • Value for the Effort – Give reps prizes that they value. Before the contest, you should survey the sales team on what they consider a good prize. Prizes are not effective if they have no perceived value to the contestants. A dinner certificate or 10% commission may mean nothing to some or any participants.

Specific sales contest prizes have less impact on sales performance than the structure and execution of the sales contest. Our sales contest prizes ideas can be a good intro to your own prize ideas.

Fun, fair play competition, and follow-through make winners of everyone. So, consider that any sales contest should have two budgets – a macro- and micro-budget. The macro-budget supports the costing and spending on the big and final prize. It decides the overall theme and calendar with attendant communication materials, related services, and promotional items. Among the elements of the larger budget are the incremental and serial awards. The costs and applications must link and complement.

Given this complexity, a successful sales competition depends less on the give-away than the leadership’s initiative, imagination, and innovation.

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