Sales managers have competition in their gamification DNA. They like the battle, the game, and the sport of it. But, the best of them need fresh sales contest ideas to drive sales team to succeeds.

Sales contest structure, timing, and reward are vital, but theme and energy maintain interest and excitement in a sales contest. Much depends on a sales team’s size and on the product line.Sales managers also have to sustain their teams’ interest and enthusiasm through down times as well as up. Well developed sales contest ideas together with gamification tools could significantly increase sales team engagement.

Here are ten sales contest ideas that work:

1. Mining for Gold: In this game, sales people are challenged to mine their existing customers for new business. New business means additional business in the form of orders for new products, bundles, or customers. It pays respect to old customers and drives improved customer service to loyal clients.

2. Everyone’s a Winner: Team members are paid in play money for completing a sequence of tasks, like completing a set number of cold calls or customer calls, selling X number of product A and Y number of product B, and securing a specific number of referrals or closing a specific number of sales. Training links the tasks to develop habits, and at end of contest, team members use their money to bid for modest prizes in an auction.

3. Daily Surprise: On each day of the month, the sales leader for the day receives a prize, but no one knows the prize until the envelop or box is opened. Keeping the quality of the prize somewhat random keeps team members engaged and excited about the possibilities. Prizes like theater tickets, dinner certificates, or a get away weekend meet with sales success.

4. Top This: This sales contest idea encourages each team member to develop a respective personal best. Each week, the best sale is posted for each member. Their objective is to top their posted best during the following week. When everyone is a winner, members compete with each other by competing with themselves.

5. TV Best: A game can parallel any popular television competition, such as Survivor,The Amazing Race, Let’s Make A Deal, or The Biggest Loser (Winner). Use maps, props, or illustrations to play the game. Weekly prizes reward advancement in the game. The same can be done with board games from Chutes and Ladders toMonopoly.

6. Pro Sports: Sales managers can take elements from pro-sports to schedule a competition. Where there are large departments, a number of leagues or divisions can compete. Teams can run bases or score downs with incremental sales victories. With a named leader, teams have to support the leader’s prestige.

7. Prize Drive: With a significant prize at the end of the contest and worthy prizes each week, team members can compete each day for raffle tickets. If the tickets reward individual targets, the team member can accumulate enough raffle tickets to improve his/her chances to win the big prizes.

8. Total Package: This game has the potential to engage everyone – salespeople and support staff. Tie the wins to sales plus delivery, close plus payment. Each support person earns a percent of the sales person’s cash incentive.

9. Lucky Duck: A tub holds floating ducks that reveal prizes according to a number attached. Each team member who meets a goal pulls a duck and enjoys the related prize, some small, some mid-sized, and some big. This game presents rewards quickly and sustains engagement.

10. Anything Goes: Each team player has a book of tear-out coupons. Each time they meet a goal – a sales lead, a sale, an up-sale, and so on, they trade a coupon for services like a day at the spa, a car detailing, a free dinner, a bottle of wine, and the like.

Sales contest ideas should engage and excite. Fun is the key to gamification. And, engagement promises success. Sales leaders find valuable assistance, tools, and structure in quality sales contest software. The software, in turn, materializes the sales motivation and facilitates successful plans.


Thoughts about gamification, technology and stuff blog by Andrzej Marczewski

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS at FreeDigitalPhotos.net