Effective employee recognition provides positive feedback and allows your employees to feel positive about their own work and to feel that they are a valued resource to the company.

As a manger, it is if the utmost importance that you understand the importance of employee recognition programs.

Recognizing good performance is not only rewarding for the individual or team, it helps to create  outcomes that you desire for your business.  Numerous surveys show that employees put a high value on  pecial recognition that is in addition to their usual salary. Employees look for positive feedback and acknowledgment of a job well done.

Effective employee recognition is principally about relationships between the employee,  their peers and the management. For the most satisfactory employee recognition program, the program should include a blend of these relationships.

An effective and successful program will encompass the key components of being consistent and authentic, uncomplicated, and be a strong means of reinforcing the desired outcomes for the department and the company. For the employee, a large part of the recognition program is the feeling of being appreciated by the company.

When you decide to develop an effective employee recognition program, you are looking at achieving several goals.

  • Improved Communication
  • Improved Productivity
  • Improved Retention
  • Improved Morale
  • Improved Company Loyalty

In most cases, with a well developed and effective employee recognition program, employees will go over and above expectations particularly if they have a sense of ownership in achieving specific program goals.  They will also feel an improved sense of belonging with the company.

To make your employee recognition program effective, you must identify program objectives.

  • Outcomes. You need to determine what you hope to achieve, for example highest percentage sales increase
  • Results. Set an exact measure of what will be considered to achieve the reward
  • Eligibility and Requirements. Determine which employees are eligible to participate and exactly what they need to do to achieve success
  • Reward. Determine a specific award and use it to promote the program

There are several ways to provide effective employee recognition.  Some are very simple and others more involved or elaborate.

  • Thanks and Praise.  The simple act of thanking an employee or team is very effective and should be a practice that is part of the corporate culture.Effective employee recognition
  • Professional Development ant Training. Most employees appreciate the opportunity to improve their skills or learn new ones.  Professional development opportunities not only help the employee, but also help the company with better trained and proficient staff
  • Inclusion.  Including employees in the decisions of the company is an excellent means of employee recognition, particularly if the decision at hand will impact the employee.  The inclusion must be real and not just lip service so that there is a real feeling of inclusion.  Inclusion can lead to a feeling of pride and belonging
  • Contests. Competition based on good performance is one of the best ways to recognize employee contributions.  It involves peers and management, and provides incentives for going the extra mile
  • Awards. For many employers, cash and cash equivalents were the go-to recognition award for employees.  Many studies have concluded that, although money is appreciated, non-cash items are actually more highly valued and preferred by employees. In fact, most employees would prefer to have gift cards than cash
  • Special Events. Providing staff dinners or luncheons, and appreciation ceremonies at meetings or special presentations are effective ways to increase employee satisfaction through recognition

Initiating a successful, meaningful and effective employee recognition program within your company can be complicated and challenging. The benefits of a good program can significantly impact your business in a number of positive ways.  Because of this, it is recommended to consider outside sources with expertise in the field  to assist you in the development and implementation of a meaningful and affirming effective employee recognition program.