Sales Contest Platform

Run Sales Contests for FIELD SALES REPS or INSIDE SALES teams

Promote Friendly Competition

Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Everyone is different, but everyone likes to WIN!

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Motivate and engage your INSIDE SALES teams

Laser-focus on target and sales acceleration

Divide sales team into 4 Core Sales Roles. Specialize:

Inbound Lead Qualification, Outbound Prospecting,
Closers, Account Management/Customer Success

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Powerful sales dashboards

Detailed sales force analytics

Measure Sales Reps Performance

EASY visualize sales constest KPIs

On-demand or scheduled PDF reports available



ONLY 13% of employees are actually engaged in their work,
meaning they are enthusiastic about their job and therefore
add value, innovation, and progress to their companies
(State of the Global Workplace by Gallup).

ONLY 23% of companies expect more than 85%
of sales reps to make quota.

5% performance gain from the middle 60%
(sales reps B-players) can yield over 70% more revenue
than a 5% percent shift in the top 20%.

Approximately 90% of companies assign
quotas to the salesforce, yet quota attainment
is often less than 50%.


EASY setup sales contest
Motivate and engage your field reps or inside sales team. Get more deals faster. Skyrocket sales conversions and employee satisfaction.
Track individual and team progress. Easily deploy competition around any behavior.

KEEP all sales reps engaged
Boring workplace ? Never.
Engage employees in a new and exciting way.
Teams can compete through leaderboards that elevate the competition with instant visual representation.

Achieve company goals
More deals faster. Increase quota attainment. Use templates to focus on goals your company should achieve. Make company numbers by motivating the core performers who usually represent the largest part of the salesforce.

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Commissions & Quota

Choose desired metrics, monitor specific KPIs. Define quota & commission levels. Allow your sales representatives to start fair competition and fulfill Your company sales goals.

Flexible pricing plans

We offer monthly and annual flexible pricing plans based on numbers of users. All plans include our core product components, everything you need to manage powerful sales contests.

Multiple Data Sources

Integrate different data sources, measure key performance indicators, and combine them into powerful realtime dashboard. Fetch data using our API or connect directly to Salesforce CRM.

Avoid spreadsheets nightmare

No spreadsheets, no whiteboards. Pure sales and fair play competition. Avoid unnecessary disputes over sales and compensation. Higher morale means lower turnover.

Anytime, anywhere access

Our application is based on SAAS model so sales reps or inside sales stuff members use it from desktop, tablets or smartphones. We respect data privacy with highest possible security level.

Advanced Analytics

Robust analytics provide clear insights about your sales team performance (KPIs). Analytics measure company revenue and ROI using built-in advanced reporting tools.

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